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Small Pool Designs | Splash Pools and Construction

small pool designs

Small Pool Designs are a current trend right now!

Small pool designs are great for several reasons….

  1. Small pool designs fit well in Southern California backyards
  2. Small pool designs allow for extra space for outdoor living areas or built-in-BBQs
  3. Small pool designs can cost less  – less materials required
  4. Small pool designs work well for modern pool styles
  5. Small pool designs require us to get creative with the layout–which is fun for us

Here are two small pool designs that we built for Toll Brothers Model Homes at Baker Ranch.

These pools both have a modern style.

The first pool has black granite tile on the zero edge spa and an overflow edge pool that flows into a rock basin. The pool is built right up against the house and has a raised decorative wall at the back with copper spicket water features.

The second pool is the video is flush with the surrounding decking and zero edge. At the back left, you can barely see the beautiful green wall that accentuates this pool design. Surrounding this pool, you can see there was plenty of room for the built in BBQ and outdoor living area.

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2017 Pool Design Trends | Splash Pools and Construction

2017 Pool Design Trends

Thank you for visiting the Splash Pools and Construction blog.

The following are five design trends that we see for swimming pools in 2017.

1. Smaller Pools

We see a trend of smaller pools and more projects that are spa only. People used to want to fit as large of a pool as possible into their backyard, but the 2017 pool design trends to people wanting a smaller pool or spa only with plenty of space for an outdoor living area, outdoor kitchen or other lounging area. This works well with small Southern California backyards where space is already limited. We consider a pool to be smaller if it is less than 600 square feet.

2017 Pool Design Trends, small pools

2. Water Features

Water features are still very popular and can be added to a pool or as a separate focal point in the back or front yard. We’ve designed and installed anything from deck jets and waterfalls in pools to stand alone three tiered foundations and large rock water feature walls. The image below is an acrylic sphere rotating water feature sitting in a bed of natural rocks.

2017 Pool Design Trends, water features

3. Fire Features

Fire features with pools and water features are very trendy right now. The technology available for fire features allows us to be able to construct fire feature bowls on pedestals in swimming pool so that they appear to be floating. We can also add fire features surrounding the pool or in addition to a stand alone water feature. If you look back at our blog post about the new pool in Yorba Linda you can see the custom water and fire feature that we built.

2017 Pool Design Trends, fire features

4. Acrylic Wall Pools

Raised pools with acrylic walls are definitely a 2017 pool design trend! After building several pools with acrylic walls for Toll Brothers, we have received request after request for a similar design. Acrylic wall pools require coordination with a structural engineer and attention to detail. The 2.5” thick pieces of acrylic must fit perfectly into slots within columns to maintain the structural integrity and prevent leaks. Depending on the layout of the yard, acrylic has been craned over the house for installation because of the weight. The good news is that we know how to do this and have built several acrylic wall pools.

2017 Pool Design Trends, acrylic walls, acrylic pool, glass pool

5. Clean Sleek / Modern Look

Modern style pools with a clean sleek look are also a 2017 pool design trend. Most people are choosing straight lines, vanishing or overflow edges and contemporary design elements. The most interesting thing about this trend is that a lot of people with traditional style homes are opting for a modern style backyard and pool–the styles are being mixed together and that is okay! If you have a Tuscan or Spanish style home, it’s okay to add a contemporary style pool.

2017 Pool Design Trends, modern design, contemporary poolSplash Pools and Construction Builds Trend-Setting Pools

Splash Pools and Construction is a Southern California Pool Builder. Our Owner, Jeff Stephenson, has been in the pool industry for more than thirty years! We attend trade shows, work closely with material manufacturers and work with experienced landscape architects to make sure we are up to date with current design trends. Call us today to get started on your 2017 Swimming Pool!

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