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If you are wondering if we work with drawings from landscape architects, yes, we do!

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We design entire backyards environments and bid them, but we also work with landscape architects providing the construction for your outdoor projects.

For someone who is going to spend $100,000 +, there are benefits to having a landscape architect design your backyard and then hiring Splash to built your pool and outdoor environment.

Some considerations:

  • Most people get more than one bid for a backyard project. If you go directly to two designer-builders (someone like us), you are going to spend a lot of time in meetings and coming up with design options, reviewing bids, etc. We do not leave our designs for you to show someone else during the bid period, that is our work. Typically a homeowner will have two different designs with bids and they are not comparing apples to apples. If you hire a landscape architect in the beginning, you will work with them to finalize one set of plans, and then those plans can be bid out to different builders (Like Us!). This can save you some time.
  • Once your plans are finalized with a landscape architect we can bid and construct the project in phases.
  • There are HOAs in exclusive neighborhoods that require a set of plans for any work that is stamped by a landscape architect.

We are not saying that this is the direction that everyone should go when building a pool—no way! This is simply another way we provide service to homeowners by bidding their plans designed by a landscape architect. 

So if you are planning to have a landscape architect design your pool and yard, give us a call to bid the project.

Keep in mind that we still can (and do) design and construct pools and outdoor environments. 

We have also worked with architects before a house is built in order to build a pool right up to a house (like this picture below). This is a great way to have all the construction going on at one time and you move into your new home that is complete with a pool and outdoor environment.

construct pool same time as house, pool up to house

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