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Looking for an inground pool builder? Look no further!

At Splash Pools we specialize in inground pools, also known as gunite or concrete pools. Gunite pools are very durable and built to last.

We design and build inground gunite pools in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes. What style of inground pool are you looking for–I bet we can do it!

Our inground pools are custom designed and built for each yard size and homeowner preference. When we first meet with you, we go over the size of your yard, what you want in your yard and the budget you have in mind. From there we develop a concept for your inground pool or other yard project with associated pricing.

Here are a few inground pools that we have built over the last few years.

This beautiful in ground pool features travertine decking with a raised spa. The spa has a beautiful stone spillway going into the pool with custom rocks on either side. The end of the pool is a negative edge!

inground pools, in ground pool, splash pools

We love this Grecian style inground pool! The beautiful fire and water features really add to the style of this pool. Different patio covered areas surround the pool and give it a resort feel.

inground pools, in ground pool

This in ground pool is sleek and modern looking with a curved vanishing edge along the entire back end of the pool. The entire pool and spa have a zero edge!

in ground pool, inground pools

This free form in-ground pool has soft curves and has a more simple style, so you don’t distract from that beautiful view of the mountains! The raised spa and back wall are accented with a beautiful ledger stone.

in ground pool, inground pools

Additional Services at Splash Pools

In addition to inground pools, we can also help with landscaping, masonry, BBQs, outdoor living areas, patio structures, outdoor kitchens and MORE! Call us today to get started on your inground pool or new project! 909-614-1333


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