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Tuscan Style Pool to Match the Home

tuscan style pool, stone, patio

Toll Brothers had several requirements when we started the design of this pool, including: negative edge, Tuscan style to match the house, raised outdoor living area adjacent to pool and a large reef step.

The Tuscan style was easy to match, by using the stone similar to the house on the decking, patio and wall; and similar flagstone on the tiered stone spillway. The stone wall on the raised patio also provides great privacy from neighbors.

The negative edge and outdoor living area adjacent to the pool required more creativity and coordination to work. This lot was completely flat, making it difficult to give a negative edge look and they did not want a raised pool. We were able to achieve the negative edge look by lowering the soil level down behind the pool and only having a short drop from the negative edge to the water basin. We added the decorative concrete balls to give an artsy look to the pool.

tuscan style pool, toll brothers pool

The outdoor living area is a unique raised deck to take advantage of the view and includes a freestanding-latticed patio. The patio footings were integrated into the pool, while leaving enough space for a water trough and plumbing for the tiered spillway that flows down from the raised patio.

We incorporated the large reef step around the raised patio with the pool entrance at the far end.

tuscan pool, reef step

At just under 600 SF, this Tuscan-style pool provides a great view, lounging area and plenty of space for swimming!

You can find this pool at Toll Brothers at Hidden Canyon, Marbella Collection – Avalon Model.

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