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Are you looking to have a relaxing backyard to give you stress relief?  

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This backyard in a Toll Brothers model home is perfect for a stress free evening for you to relax. 

Here are some considerations to make your relaxing backyard retreat:

  1. Calming sounds – the water fountain with bubblers in this yard gives off a great calming sound and also drowns out nearby noises (neighbors, dogs, cars, helicopters, etc).  You can also have music going, but the sound of water is much more appealing to us pool people.
  2. Great view – it would be hard to relax if you were sitting outside looking at a dirt lot. Having a great view looking at a pool, water feature, landscape and/or lighting will also help you to relax.
  3. Comfortable seating – built in seating is adjacent to the water feature along with stand alone chairs.
  4. Aromas – you can add calming aromas through natural or added elements. Choosing night blooming jasmine or lavender plants with give off fantastic aromas for relaxation. If plants are not your thing then add some candles or an oil diffuser.
  5. Privacy – houses are built very close together in most Southern California track homes, so it is important to add some elements to create privacy in your backyard. The ledger stone wall and tall bamboo look great and also provide privacy in this small yard.
  6. Entertainment (if desired) – some people have a hard time sitting and relaxing without something to do, so in this backyard there is a TV on the rock wall and also plenty of room to play games seated around the outdoor living area.

Your yard does not have to be big to create a relaxing outdoor environment, you just have to work with the space you have and add the right elements to fit your lifestyle.

Check out the video of this backyard.

If you are ready to get started on your relaxing backyard project, give us a call today at 909-614-1333!

This backyard is at a Toll Brothers’ model home, with the water features constructed by Splash Pools and Construction. 

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