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Where to build your pool with outdoor living area?

If you are going to build a swimming pool, you need to consider an outdoor living area as well. Outdoor living areas are very popular right now and rightfully so. We have great weather here in Southern California that allows us to use our outdoor living areas year round. You really need to think of it as an extension of your house, only outdoors. A great outdoor living area will complement your pool wonderfully and provide an additional entertaining area if you are cramped for space in your house.

Now when designing your pool, there are several ways that you can add to your backyard with an outdoor living area.

Option 1: Build the pool around the outdoor living area

This is a unique option that is becoming more popular. We have built model home pools for Toll Brothers and two of them included the pool surrounding the living area.

Here are some pictures:

pool surrounds outdoor living area


pool around outdoor living

Option 2: Outdoor living area adjacent to house with pool nearby

Your outdoor living area can be adjacent to your house with a patio cover that is an extension of your roof or a patio cover that aligns with your house.  With this option, you typically walk out of your house into the outdoor living area, then your pool is right there in front of you.

Like this:

extended roofline, outdoor living, pool

outdoor living, adjacent to home, splash

Option 3: Stand alone outdoor living area adjacent to pool or spa

This is great to have a stand alone structure close to the pool to watch the kiddos, but you have some outdoor living area structure that is stand alone.

Here are a few examples: 

stand alone outdoor living area, pool

custom patio, outdoor living




There are many ways to design your pool with outdoor living area and we want to meet with you to get started. Now is the time to get started on your pool with outdoor living area so it will be ready when the weather gets really hot and the kiddos are out of school for summer. We have build so many pools with outdoor living areas. View more outdoor living areas on our updated Houzz profile.

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