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Pool Designs for Kids

pool design for kids, waterfall, slide, reef step

There are many things you can do to design a pool for kids. A pool itself is great for kids, but there are certain things you can add to make it over the top fun for kiddos of all ages.

Please remember that kids should be monitored in the pool or around the pool at ALL TIMES!

Young Children

If you have young children who cannot swim yet, a large reef step is a great way to make your pool kid friendly. This is great because kids can sit in the water, move around and get familiar with a pool while still being able to touch. This also makes it fun for moms and dads to easily take their kids into a pool.

pool for kids, large reef step, kid pool

We can add a reef or baja step no matter what pool style you decide to go with. Once the kids get older, the step is great for lounging and tanning!

Older Children that are Good Swimmers

Once you have kids that swim really well, there are an endless number of games that can be played in the swimming pool, but there are also a few elements that you can add to make your pool the “destination” for all the other kids in the neighborhood.

Add a slide to your pool – slides add so much fun for kids!

pool design for kids, slide, rock waterfall

Add a waterfall with a cave/grotto underneath – talk about a great place for kids with an imagination!  You know all the kids will have fun in their secret cave and play for hours.

You can even put the spa under the waterfall, like this!

grotto under waterfall

Having bench seats in the pool, especially in the deep end are a good idea for when kids get tired and they can sit to catch their breath.

Add a splash pad element to your pool for more fun. This can be anything from jets that shoot water out from the side of the pool, or straight up to the addition of fun splash park type elements.

pool design for kids, deck jets

Call splash pools today to begin your pool design for kids and adults!

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