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Recommendations for your Pool Deck or Patio Flooring

Today we want to talk to you about some of the options you have for your pool deck or patio floor and what we recommend.

When most people think having an outdoor patio, they think it will be concrete, but there are so many other options out there: pavers, travertine, stone or even tile. Concrete is definitely an option, but it also has a higher tendency to crack or discolor over time.  Concrete is unpredictable and not easily fixed. If you had an area of discoloration, it is difficult to repair a small area and make it match the rest of the concrete.

Here are a few examples of concrete discoloring over time.

discolored concrete

So here we have some pool deck and patio floor recommendations for you.

Interlocking Pavers or just Pavers

interlocking pavers, pavers, decking, patio floor

The number one product we use and recommend are interlocking pavers from Belgard. You can see the wide range of color and style options on the Belgard website. Here are a few benefits of using interlocking pavers:.

  1. The pavers look great for years with no cracking or discoloration.
  2. If you ever needed to repair pipes or something underground, you could lift up the pavers and place them back to do the repair.
  3. If something were to happen and damage the pavers, you could easily replace a few at a minimal cost compared to repairing concrete.
  4. You can even use these pavers as coping along the pool edge.
  5. Many styles and colors to choose from.
  6. The style of interlocking pavers is great and adds so much character to your yard.

You might be wondering what the cost difference is between interlocking pavers and concrete. Well, there is a different, the pavers cost about 42% more on initial costs. Right now in February 2016, concrete costs about $7/square foot and the pavers are about $10/square foot. *There are variables to consider with each, so this is a rough estimate, please talk to a Splash sales professional for up to date costs.


Travertine is more expensive when used for your pool deck or patio floor, but it will give your backyard (or front yard) a great look. Here is an example using travertine on a project.

travertine, pool decking, patio floor


There are outdoor tiles that can be used for your patio floor or pool deck.tile, decking, patio floor


stone, decking, patio floor

Mexican Pavers





We hope this overview of pool deck and patio flooring options has helped you. If you are ready to get started on your project, call us today (909-614-1333) and we will have a Splash Pools professional meet with you to go over your options. Have a great day!

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