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Six Tips to Help You Choose the Right Pool Builder

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Choosing the right pool builder can be a daunting task. We understand this at Splash Pools and we take our responsibility seriously. Here are six tips to choosing the right pool builder or contractor for your outdoor projects.

  1. Full Service Company – Hire a full service company that can build your pool, outdoor living areas, masonry, and landscape. This will make the entire process so much easier on you having only one company to deal with and the design will be cohesive.
  2. In-house Crews – Check to see if the company has in-house crews or if they have subs for everything. At Splash, we have in-house crews, which allows us to have better quality and workmanship and it makes scheduling a lot easier. We can move projects along more quickly.
  3. Licensed – Make sure the pool company has the appropriate licenses in order construct your pool or outdoor project. AND make sure the license has not been revoked. Splash Pools holds 3 specialty licenses: C-53 Swimming Pool, C-27 Landscaping and B-General Contractor for all Outdoor Living Patio Structures
  4. Office – Check to make sure they have an office location (and are not just working out of their home). Can you visit them? When you call, does someone pick up the phone? This is important because you want to make sure the company is going to be around to finish your pool or outdoor project. Our office is located at 14175 Telephone Ave, Suite R, Chino, CA 91710 and during business hours, someone is always here to answer the phone. This leads to tip #5.
  5. Stability – Is the company stable? Has it been around for a long time? Does it have an office location (see tip #4)? Will you be able to go back to this company in a few years if you are having an issue and need help?  These are things to take into consideration. Splash Pools has been in business for nearly fifteen years and the owner has been in the pool industry for nearly thirty years.
  6. References – If a friend or family member did not refer you to this company, then it might be good to check their references. Splash Pools is always willing to provide you with a list of references.

Give Splash Pools a call today to start on your pool or outdoor project. We will show you a company with the above 6 criteria and prove to you why we have so many repeat clients. 909-614-1333

Here is a photo of our office (with some of the Splash Team)!

Splash Pools Office, Chino

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