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Custom backyard lighting can add so much depth and drama to truly make it an oasis.

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Swimming Pool Lights

We recommend Hayward Universal ColorLogic LED lights for your swimming pool. These lights feature vibrant colors and many different settings so that you can keep your pool the same color or switch between colors to add excitement. They are also energy-efficient. The lights can be installed 4 inches below the waterline and lower, along the wall of the pool or on the floor. The trim around the lights comes in a standard smooth white or silver luster starburst. Additional ring colors that are special orders include: white starburst, black, blue, beige and gray.

Check out the photo of this swimming pool during the day and then at night with color logic lights. It is amazing how the pool looks so much more dramatic at night.

swimming pool lighting, hayward, LED

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is also a great way to add excitement to your backyard for the evenings. Check out the following image collage of landscape lighting in these backyards. Lighting in your planters is a great way to set the ambiance in your backyard with a limited amount of lighting, but enough so that you can relax. New landscape lightings are all LED, typically bulbs are 1.5 to 3 watts and they give off light approximately equal to a 30 watt traditional bulb.

If you look at a backyard with 50 LED lights, it would only cost $10 month to run the lights for 6 hours a day! All of the fixtures are solid copper so that they last longer and include a lifetime warranty.

landscape lighting, copper fixtures, LED lights

Outdoor Living Area Lighting

We can also add lighting to your outdoor living area. Depending on the type of structure you have, we can add LED canned lights on a dimmer or standard on/off, LED fixture lights, chandeliers over dining areas, or a fan light. When you add a nice chandelier above the dining area, it really gives you the indoor feel outdoors.

outdoor living area lighting, outdoor chandelier, fixtures, patio

Make sure when we are working on your pool, outdoor living area or landscape project that we add some outdoor lighting to really make your backyard enjoyable at night. Custom backyard lighting will really add the finishing touches to your yard. Call us today!


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