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Let’s talk about built in BBQ (s)!!!

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Do you enjoy firing up the BBQ and want a great usable space to cook and enjoy hanging out? Well, we can help. There are really soooo many options to designing your built-in BBQ or outdoor kitchen area. We can design this to fit your needs with different cooking elements, such as the BBQ, cook top, Big Green Egg (smoker, grill, oven combo) and warming trays. We also add other elements to make outdoor entertaining easy, including mini fridge, sink, storage and more. We often add a bar area to the built-in BBQ so that people can sit on stools and the cook can enjoy conversation while getting the cooking done. The rest of the counter tops are great for serving food.  So what are the elements that you want to add to your BBQ or outdoor kitchen?

There are also so many different layout options for your backyard and this will depend on the amount of space that you have and the location. If you look at the collage above and image below, we have designed a variety of layouts for your BBQ and entertaining area.

Now…onto the fun stuff–the finishes! What do you want your BBQ to look like?  If you see the collage above, there are so many different styles that we have constructed, from modern BBQs that look like they are floating with polished concrete to traditional brick and stone with granite. Don’t forget, a patio cover is a great addition to your outdoor BBQ area. This will make it easier if you are grilling in the sun and be able to keep food out of the sun that is sitting out. A patio cover is also great for all the people who try to stay out of the sun.

Built in BBQ, granite, stone, Splash

When you hire Splash Pools to design your entire backyard, we can design the BBQ to coordinate with the pool, outdoor living area and decking. We want the style and design to meet your needs to look great overall.

Give Splash Pools and Construction, Inc. a call today and we can get started on your built-in BBQ or outdoor kitchen area. It’s already spring, so we need to get started now! Don’t forget we can also remodel your existing built-in BBQ that needs a little TLC.

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