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Are you looking to add a backyard fireplace?

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Look no further, Splash Pools and Construction can help you! We provide design and construction services for your entire outdoor environment including backyard fireplace, patio, kitchen, pool, landscape and masonry.

There are a lot of options for your backyard fireplace and we want to look at the entire yard, your future plans (for your yard) and how you use your yard to decide the location and style for your backyard fireplace.

Backyard Fireplace Options

As you can see in this collage, we have designed many different styles of fireplaces, including stand-alone fireplaces and built within an outdoor patio. The size can also vary from small to large!

Materials range from tile, brick and stone to cast concrete fireplaces. The designed is tailored to fit your style. Decorative accents add flair to backyard fireplaces.

In addition to providing a location for relaxation, a fireplace can be a great option for hiding those eyesores in your backyard. This large fireplace was used to hide pool equipment, power lines and provide privacy from neighbors. The fireplace was part of a backyard remodel.

backyard fireplace, large outdoor fireplace

Another option for your fireplace location is to have it near your spa. This is a really fun location so you can enjoy it while in the water and also very romantic!

backyard fireplace, spa fireplace

Backyard Fireplace Regulations

The State of California has regulations in place for fireplaces in hopes to improve the air quality. Wood burning fireplaces are not allowed. In most fireplaces we install a gas fire log system and the benefit is that you do not have to clean out ash.

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