2016 Trends for Pools and Backyards | Splash Pools and Construction

At Splash Pools we like to stay on top of design trends in the industry, so that your pool or backyard design will be not only functional and what you want, but also current with design trends. Some of these trends have to do with design, while others are functional.

Here are the Splash Pools 2016 Trends for Pools and Backyards.

2016 trends for pools and backyards, design trends

1. Pools with shallow lounge area or baja shelf.

Having a large baja shelf makes your pool extremely functional, whether small children playing or adults sitting in beach chairs relaxing use it. Don’t forget to have a spot for an umbrella to be placed, so you have shade from the sun.

2. UVO System for water sanitation.

This is a newer system being used that replaces the traditional chlorine or salt water systems. We use Hayward HydroRite UVO3. This system works in collaboration with chlorine to kill algae and bacteria AND also removes chloramines by 50% or more. Reducing chloramines makes for a better swimming experience and the water won’t bother your eyes, turn blonde hair green or create dry skin that are common inconveniences with traditional chlorine systems. The Hayward UVO3 system also has minimal maintenance – winning!

3. Straight-line, contemporary pool design.

We are seeing more and more people want contemporary designed pools with straight lines. Which leads us to….number 4.

4. Zero edge, knife-edge.

This 2016 design trend goes right along with the straight-line contemporary pool design. We have designed several pools and spas with zero edge (knife-edge), where the water just runs over the top of the spa into the pool or the pool is level with the patio. This is also known as rim-flow pool, slot-overflow pools and deck-level-overflow pools. Call it what you like—they are fabulous!

5. Blending the rock natural waterfalls with a contemporary design.

We love building rock pools and waterfalls and it is exciting to blend the contemporary style with the natural rock look.

6. Fire features.

Adding fire features to outdoor projects is hot right now! We have designed several pools with fire bowls built up on pedestals. Fire really adds a fun element to your backyard, especially if you like to entertain at night.

7. Outdoor living areas.

Outdoor living areas have been very popular for the past several years and we are doing more than ever. We can also work on your backyard project in two phases, first the pool, then the outdoor living area or vice-versa.

8. Revamping and remodeling entire backyards.

We have a lot of homeowners interested in remodeling and redoing their entire backyard. This is not something we saw as much in the past, but people are happy with their homes and really want to revamp their backyard and we can make it happen.

9. Travertine and pavers for decking.

Travertine and pavers are popular materials for decking right now; they are beautiful, functional and will look great over time. We wrote a blog solely about decking and patio flooring a few weeks ago, read it here.

10. LED color changing pool lights.

We love using the Hayward Universal ColorLogic LED Lights, they add a beautiful and fun dimension to your pool or spa.

11. Manufactured turf.

California is still in a severe drought, even with the recent rain. Manufactured turf or fake grass is a great alternative to traditional sod and has a great look.

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