Maximizing space in Hacienda Heights, Ca

Splash Pools designed and built this swimming pool in Hacienda Heights, Ca.  The property had an existing retaining wall that the design expert blended in naturally and added  water features to maximize the space in the backyard. The entire pool is raised at 12″ which added more seating around the pool and is perfect for family and friends to sit in the pool & relax on a hot summer day.

Here is some more insightful information to give you a better idea of how you could utilize  and maximize existing features in your own backyard. The Wong’s decided to upgrade to the double black mini tahoe blue pebble that makes the life expectancy longer. The darker pebble will keep the water remaining warmer throughout the summer. There are six 5′ tall water features with 18″ spillways, and an additional two spillways off of 24″ raised bond beams. There is ledgerstone and tile in lays at the spillways. The flagstone all around the perimeter of the pool gives the illusion of  making the pool look much bigger than it really is. And last but not least, the landscaping and beautiful palm trees gives the finishing touch to any backyard.

If you have any questions or when you’re ready to build your dream pool call us at (909)614-1333 or email us at

Swimming Pools in Hacienda Heights, Ca


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