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Now this is an incredible yard located in Eastvale, absolutely great for entertaining. It has a large rock waterfall and slide for endless hours for kids to have fun. While the kids are playing in the pool you have an 8 foot diameter spa for the parents to relax. The other part that makes this yard so great is that it has a large outdoor living area with a barbeque, fireplace, and tv, so we can catch up on the football games while the kids are playing in the pool. My favorite part of this pool is the evening time with the colored LED lights changing colors, and the fire boulder up by the waterfall blasting out large fire flames that makes it that much more fun for nighttime entertainment. And don’t forget all the LED, low voltage lighting in the landscape that sets a great mood for the atmosphere. Now this landscaping is absolutely beautiful. We brought in large full grown olive trees, and large queen and king palms which makes the yard look like its been there for fifteen years. In addition all the other plants and shrubs tie in together to make the landscaping look full and lush.

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