Swimming pool in Corona, Ca

Thank you for visiting our website. There are so many extremely unique features of the Buckles residence. This swimming pool in Corona, Ca is a backyard that is amazing and breath taking with great landscaping. The waterfall has a grotto that seats seven people, which is great for the kids to swim in and hang out with their friends. An escape that seems like an adventure that is fun and exciting. And when those cold winter evenings come it only takes the press of a button to heat the spa and relax in the jacuzzi.

The stamped concrete gives a luxurious look to the backyard. The palm trees is one of the main features in the backyard. They are called a canary island date palm tree. The pool is 55 feet long with a baja step that will seat twelve people.  The Buckles backyard is a mini resort…safe for the kids, beautiful, relaxing, and perfect for entertaining.  This mini resort will blow other competitors out of the water. After speaking to the homeowners and finding out how pleased they were with their backyard they told us that they now go on fewer vacations than before because their backyard is the perfect place for vacationing.

If you have any questions please email us at splashpools@gotsplash.com or call us at (909) 614-1333 and Splash Pools would be pleased to assist you.

Swimming Pools in Corona, Ca

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