Cozy Swimming Pools in Chino Hills, Ca

Mr. & Mrs. Shanklin live in the beautiful private community of Vellano, in Chino Hills. Their backyard is the perfect size because everything is exquisitely close together. Around the entire pool is flagstone boulders. One side of the pool has a loveseat around the rock bar table. On the opposite side of the table is a baja step. On the same side as the spa is a gorgeous flagstone waterfall that matches the pool perfectly. Another addition to the backyard is the pavers all throughout the backyard. Splash Pools also did the Shanklin’s landscape. There are additional planter pots in different areas throughout the backyard. The planter areas have FX low voltage lighting to light up the backyard in the evenings.

The other part of the Shanklin’s backyard, which is not seen in the pictures, is what makes their backyard set apart from others. They have a putting green area for golfing, and a solid covered patio with a flatscreen tv, speakers, couches, fireplace and an iron door to close in case the wind picks up.

We thank the Shanklin’s for choosing Splash Pools to build their dream backyard.


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  1. Courtney Parsons says:

    I like the cobblestone pavers used for this project. Looks really good.

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