Creative Touches in Swimming Pools in Vellano- Chino Hills, Ca

This swimming pool in Chino Hills, Ca is the residence of the Pollack’s. It is absolutely amazing and has creative touches throughout the backyard. The Pollack’s have chosen to add different areas to hang out at to utilize every space in their backyard.

To start, the main event is the swimming pool.  This unique design shape adds so much character and allows the yard to have room for other purposes to entertain. The water pots and features are seen throughout the flow of the yard. This creates a great theme and ties everything together.

The choice to separate the spa from the pool is a great way to maximize the space with purpose to entertain or relax with the family. The separation adds definition to the spa and pool separately. What a breath taking view while you enjoy your time in the spa!

There is an outdoor entertainment area that has a TV and sitting area next to the spa. As you keep walking by the pool, you will come across a lounge area for two. On the other side, is a larger outdoor sitting area with room for everyone.

They also have an outdoor fire pit that was designed to serve many purposes. If you decide to sit at the built in sitting area, or bring over a lounge chair, or stand by the fire pit- this area meets the needs for all.

The BBQ and outdoor kitchen area is top of the line and provides a great and easy way to entertain your guests without having to leave to cook. Now what chef wouldn’t enjoy that!

This back yard is extremely unique and has exquisite design to detail. There is not another backyard like this!

Swimming Pools in Chino Hills, Ca

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