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Vellano Unique Custom Pool | Splash Pools & Construction

Vellano Unique Custom Pool, Chino Hills

Splash Pools had the pleasure of working on this Vellano Unique Custom Pool while the home was being constructed.

Vellano, Chino Hills, Unique Custom Pool, Splash

The swimming pool was designed to sit right up against the house, so it was necessary to construct the swimming pool as the house was being constructed to achieve the look that this homeowner wanted.  The homeowner can go straight from the lanai into the pool. The pool has an elegant classy style with a large reef step and gas fire bowl in the middle of the water. The shape of the pool accents the beautiful home.  Beautiful travertine pavers were used around the deck and we also used precast coping.  Instead of installing one or two large pool lights, we opted for Hayward ColorLogic® LED 3” lights and had several so the pool lit up evenly. An elegant spa is detached across from the pool.

Vellano, Chino Hills, Unique Custom Pool, Splash Pools

The pool is even the perfect backdrop for a wedding.

Repeat Business

We really value our homeowners and try to Build RELATIONSHIPS, not just pools. This is a great example, as this is the 3rd pool we have built for this homeowner. We want every homeowner to come back to us for a new pool or remodel.

More About Splash Pools and Construction

Splash Pools and Construction is a family owned and operated company. Our owner has been in the pool industry for more than thirty years and has built his reputation on building quality swimming pools at competitive prices. We have in-house crews in order to control the quality and cost of our swimming pools. Located in Chino, we serve the areas of Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. Please contact us to see if you are in our service area.

We build unique custom pools to meet the needs of each homeowner. We can design a pool and spa as fancy and elaborate or simple and classic as you wish. In addition to swimming pool and spa design and construction, we can help with all your outdoor needs, including landscape, outdoor living areas, masonry, BBQs, fireplaces and water features.

Splash Pools has constructed several custom pools in the Vellano Residential Community that surrounds the Vellano Country Club.

Swimming Pool Water Saving Tips During the California Drought

Tips, Tricks and Ideas to be Water Wise during the California Drought

Splash Pools and Construction, Inc. – Serving San Bernardino, Riverside, Los Angeles and Orange County

The drought in California is a major concern for home and pool owners, as well as us pool builders. What you might not know is that having a pool and surrounding decking actually uses less than half the water than an irrigated lawn. Seriously? Yes!!!!

Water Saving TIps Swimming Pool Cover Drought

Swimming Pools Covers help Conserve Water

If you already have a pool, then you are off to a great start. Here are some swimming pool water saving tips to avoid water evaporation and be water wise with your pool this summer:

  • Install a pool cover to reduce water evaporation by as much as 90%.
  • Shut off waterfalls, fountains, and other water features to reduce water loss and evaporation.
  • Check the pool for leaks.  If you suspect your pool has a leak, contact us for help.
  • Minimize splashing or lower the pool’s water level to reduce “splashout.”
  • Plug the overflow line when the pool is in use.
  • Replace sand and DE filters with cartridge filters that do not require backwashing.
  • Keep your pool clean to reduce frequency of backwashing.
  • If your pool is heated, reduce the water temperature to reduce evaporation.

For more water saving tips around the yard and home visit Lets Pool Together.

For those of you in San Bernardino, Riverside, Los Angeles and Orange County that do not have a pool, now is a great time to build! The Splash Pools and Construction team has more than thirty years of experience in the pool industry and we would love to meet with you to design the backyard of your dreams. From the pool design, landscape and outdoor living spaces, we can do it all. Contact us today to set up an appointment. We come to you!

Elegant Tuscan Swimming Pools in Vellano- Chino Hills, Ca

This swimming pool in Chino Hills, CA is the home of the Mesa. They have been such a joy to work with and they knew exactly what they wanted in their dream backyard.They have an elegant tuscan look to there entire front and backyard.

The Mesa’s have a spectacular front courtyard and entryway. There is a water wall and pot fountain that is peaceful and enhances the look of the entry. If you continue walking, you will reach the rod iron arbor and enter into the guest house and game room. The conversation area has a rod iron table and chairs to sit, relax, and enjoy the beautiful landscape. After passing the guest house there is a four hole putting green to catch up on those golf skills.

Then you enter the backyard. Wow, it is gorgeous! Their entire yard is facing the golf course. There are water jar fountains spilling into the pool, a raised spa with stone cascades, two firebowls on the corners of the spa, and glass tile all around the pool. Behind the spa is the lanai with a fireplace, couches, flatscreen TV, speakers, and much more.

Then there is an additional patio cover with an outdoor kitchen and flatscreen TV. The third patio cover area has pillars and an arch patio with tables, lounge chairs & couches. All along this patio cover is a misting system for those hot summer days.

The Mesa’s landscape stands out with the additional queen palms, Italian cypress and several olive trees.

Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Mesa for choosing Splash Pools to build your entire project-from front to back, it was a pleasure. You and your family have impacted Splash so much with your kindness and generosity.

Call 909-614-1333 to make an appointment with a design expert or via email at splash

Swimming Pools in Chino Hills, Ca

Distinct Swimming Pools in Vellano, Chino Hills, Ca

Check out this beautiful swimming pool in Chino Hills, Ca. This is part of the new development in Vellano.  Splash Pools built this pool for the Gomez Family, and some of the great things about this pool include amazing flagstone coping all around the infinity edge, blended in with interlocking pavers along the patio area.

A fun rock waterfall slide, and spa with a running ledgerstone spill way. Another great feature about this pool is the midnight blue mini pebble that creates a rich deep blue color.

The finishing touches that we added to the Gomez residence, included fabulous landscaping that features low voltage lighting that illuminates the canary palm trees, awning covering the granite counter top BBQ featuring top of the line stainless steel appliances.

Thanks for stopping by our blog and please visit our website for more information. Feel free to contact us at (909) 614-1333 or email us at

Swimming Pools in Chino Hills, Ca

Cozy Swimming Pools in Chino Hills, Ca

Mr. & Mrs. Shanklin live in the beautiful private community of Vellano, in Chino Hills. Their backyard is the perfect size because everything is exquisitely close together. Around the entire pool is flagstone boulders. One side of the pool has a loveseat around the rock bar table. On the opposite side of the table is a baja step. On the same side as the spa is a gorgeous flagstone waterfall that matches the pool perfectly. Another addition to the backyard is the pavers all throughout the backyard. Splash Pools also did the Shanklin’s landscape. There are additional planter pots in different areas throughout the backyard. The planter areas have FX low voltage lighting to light up the backyard in the evenings.

The other part of the Shanklin’s backyard, which is not seen in the pictures, is what makes their backyard set apart from others. They have a putting green area for golfing, and a solid covered patio with a flatscreen tv, speakers, couches, fireplace and an iron door to close in case the wind picks up.

We thank the Shanklin’s for choosing Splash Pools to build their dream backyard.


Extravagant Spa in Vellano-Chino Hills, Ca

Who said backyards were for pools only? Splash Pools has designed this extravagant Spa with an amazing trough that runs to a fountain basin. It’s a one of a kind Spa in Vellano, Chino Hills, Ca.

With this amazing bullnose travertine edge coping and midnight blue mini pebble this creates phenomenal look. The Daltons enjoy there extravagant Spa with a new outdoor kitchen with stainless steel appliance’s. Accompanying the kitchen is detailed cabinetry & granite countertops.

We also included an exclusive fireplace that gives it a nice touch, the Daltons also enjoy there beautiful backyard with great travertine pavers all around their Spa and enclosed patio cover surrounded with great landscaping which includes low voltage lighting.

Thank you for stopping by hope to hear from you soon, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at (909) 614-1333 or email us at

Spas in Chino Hills, Ca


Refreshing Swimming Pools in Vellano -Chino Hills, Ca

This swimming pool in Chino Hills, Ca is the home of the Konrad residence. We can’t express how grateful we are for there trust in Splash Pools in allowing us to not only build their pool but also design and landscape the front and backyard completely. The Konrad’s have been so great referring others to Splash Pools, we can’t thank them enough for their loyalty.

One of the unique features about this pool is the refreshing color of the pool. It really invites you to jump on in. They chose travertine as their decking. The contrast between the pool color and decking is extremely pleasing to the eye and was a great design choice. This is a custom home in the Vellano Country Club Estates. This particular home overlooks the valley and the raised sitting area adds depth to the backyard and allows family and friends to enjoy the view and the cozy fireplace.

Thank you to the Konrads for your superb taste in design!

Call us if you would like to have a design expert come out at 909-614-1333 or

via email

Swimming Pools in Chino Hills, Ca

Negative Edge Swimming Pools in Vellano – Chino Hills, Ca

The Mylett’s have one of the best views in Chino Hills. This swimming pool in Chino Hills, CA overlooks the valley. Their negative edge pool is perfect for entertaining and enjoying this magnificent view. This backyard has many features that utilize the space in the entire yard. The outdoor living area has a fireplace and was designed to enjoy watching TV while refreshing in the pool also.

There is a putting green and fire pit area with another key spot to entertain. This is a very quaint backyard that has so much attention to detail.

Please contact us she you are ready to get started on your backyard. We would love to be part of building your very own retreat right out your back door.

Don’t wait, give us a call at 909-614-1333 or via email at splash

Swimming Pools in Chino Hills,Ca


Spectacular Swimming Pools in Vellano – Chino Hills, Ca

The swimming pool in Chino Hills, Ca is located in the Vellano Gold Course Estates and home to the Tippet residence. This backyard turned out spectacular! It is truly there very own unique resort.What an amazing blessing to be able to walk outside your back door and enjoy such a gorgeous view with all the amenities.

To start, they have a custom designed patio cover. The first, is the outdoor kitchen area that has everything imaginable  with top of the line appliances and outdoor BBQ area.

The spectacular pool with fire bowls and water features throughout the backyard adds a special and custom touch to any yard.

There are two spas- one located for a private relaxing time and the other that cozies up to the pool and sitting area. They have added there own personal touches throughout the yard which makes this unique to their personalities. Great for entertaining, yet intimate for two.

What a great place to invite family and friends over too- this is truly a home for showing hospitality and attention to fine detail. We hope you enjoy your private oasis.

Please call Splash at 909-614-1333 or email at splash

Swimming Pools in Chino Hills, Ca


Creative Touches in Swimming Pools in Vellano- Chino Hills, Ca

This swimming pool in Chino Hills, Ca is the residence of the Pollack’s. It is absolutely amazing and has creative touches throughout the backyard. The Pollack’s have chosen to add different areas to hang out at to utilize every space in their backyard.

To start, the main event is the swimming pool.  This unique design shape adds so much character and allows the yard to have room for other purposes to entertain. The water pots and features are seen throughout the flow of the yard. This creates a great theme and ties everything together.

The choice to separate the spa from the pool is a great way to maximize the space with purpose to entertain or relax with the family. The separation adds definition to the spa and pool separately. What a breath taking view while you enjoy your time in the spa!

There is an outdoor entertainment area that has a TV and sitting area next to the spa. As you keep walking by the pool, you will come across a lounge area for two. On the other side, is a larger outdoor sitting area with room for everyone.

They also have an outdoor fire pit that was designed to serve many purposes. If you decide to sit at the built in sitting area, or bring over a lounge chair, or stand by the fire pit- this area meets the needs for all.

The BBQ and outdoor kitchen area is top of the line and provides a great and easy way to entertain your guests without having to leave to cook. Now what chef wouldn’t enjoy that!

This back yard is extremely unique and has exquisite design to detail. There is not another backyard like this!

Swimming Pools in Chino Hills, Ca