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Start Your Swimming Pool Now and Be Ready for Summer Next Year

A lot of people wonder “when is the best time to build a swimming pool?” With cooler weather in fall and winter, not many people are thinking about swimming, but now really is the time to start your pool, outdoor living or landscape project.

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Here are three reasons you should start your swimming pool or backyard project now.

1. Start now and your project will be complete in time for summer! 

Did you know that it could take three to six months to complete your swimming pool? There are a lot of factors that affect the timeline, but you have to consider design and permitting in the beginning and then the size of your project. A BIG project means longer construction time.

2. Costs are lower in the fall and winter.

Another BIG reason to start your pool, outdoor living or landscape project now is that costs are lower. Our supplier’s prices start to go up around March. This means that the same pool, landscape or outdoor living project could cost you more money once March rolls around. Unfortunately we cannot buy tile or stone in bulk while the prices are lower, because we want to work with you to pick the perfect color and material.

We don’t want you to think that starting your pool in the summer is a bad idea either. Prices could go up in March and stay up through the next year, so its best to start your project immediately.

3. It’s easier for budgeting purposes. 

You can start planning your budget for next year and plan to have a pool or new outdoor environment. Your Christmas bonus might even make a great down payment on a swimming pool (Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase…anyone?). Okay, maybe not, but it’s great to start planning ahead for next summer. Just think of the fun you will have with family and friends in your new or upgraded backyard.

Have we convinced you to start your new swimming pool, outdoor living area, landscaping or renovation project?

We hope so! Call us today to set up an appointment (909-614-1333) or fill out this form online and we will contact you.

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