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Lake Forest Pool Contractor Features Elegant Pool and Spa

We are excited to share with you this fantastic video of a lake forest swimming pool, built by Splash Pools and Construction. We build swimming pools and spas in the Lake Forest, CA area. This beautiful Lake Forest swimming pool and spa features a modern black tile rim-flow spa that is gorgeous. The rectangular swimming pool adds to the modern look of this yard and has an elegant stone back wall surrounding the pool and scupper water features add movement.

In addition to the beautiful pool and spa in the backyard, we also built the BBQ and patio areas. The landscaping in the front yard was also designed and installed by Splash Pools. We are the one stop for outdoor design and construction projects, in Lake Forest and surrounding areas. Swimming pools are our specialty, but we can do the whole project, landscape, outdoor structures, outdoor living areas, fireplaces, masonry and more.

Finish off the look of your backyard with elegant outdoor furniture, lounge chairs and decor. This homeowner added great finishing touches with the American Flag artwork above this fireplace and conch shell on the mantle. If you need it, we can help add the finishing touch to your new backyard through our Finishing Touch Design Services, just call and ask.

Looking for a Lake Forest pool contractor?

Splash Pools is ready to start on your Lake Forest swimming pool and spa! We are located in Chino, but work in Orange County on a regular basis. As a family-owned and operated business, we make it our priority to provide the best service and quality construction to our homeowners. We rely on happy homeowners to refer us to their friends and family to continue our business. Please call us today to get started on your new swimming pool and spa in Lake Forest–909-614-1333!

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Pinnacle Award Winner | Splash Pools and Construction

We are excited to announce that our Beach Entry Pool at the Toll Brothers Model Homes in Yorba Linda has been awarded a 2017 Pinnacle Award from Luxury Pools + Outdoor Living Magazine. The project won “The Best Overall Design” Award and was recognized in the Fall/Winter Issue. Only six pools received awards and we are honored to be recognized for our work.

pinnacle award, award winning, pool builder, luxury pool magazine


The Beach Entry pool was designed by Summers Murphy & Partners, Inc. and built by Splash Pools and Construction, Inc.



Pool Contractors Southern California | Splash Pools and Construction

When looking for pool contractors in Southern California, Splash Pools and Construction is here for you.

pool contractors southern california, rock pool, freeform, waterfall

We have an office in Chino, CA and serve the area surrounding that office – from Chino Hills to Corona to Covina to Yorba Linda and more locations. Call our office to see if we serve your City – 909-614-1333.

There are many pool contractors in Southern California to choose from…so why choose Splash Pools?

  1. Splash Pools and Construction is dedicated to building QUALITY pools, outdoor living areas and landscaping.
  2. We want to give our homeowners the best service possible.
  3. We have most of our crews in-house, allowing us to control the quality of the final product (pool, landscape, outdoor living, BBQ, etc)
  4. We are a one-stop shop for your outdoor environments with licenses for Swimming Pool Construction, Patio Structures and Landscape.
  5. We work with your landscape architect, if that is the direction you choose to go.
  6. We can also design + build in-house.

We can fit a pool in {almost} any backyard, we know that some Southern California backyards are quite small. Just look at some of the model pools that we built for Toll Brothers, there are small pools and some backyards with only a spa.

Pool Contractors Southern California – More About Splash Pools and Construction

Splash Pools and Construction’s owner has been in the pool business for more than 30 years. We will help you through the entire project from design to permits to construction to filling up that pool and teaching you how to work the equipment!

What pool style are you looking to build: modern, traditional, grecian, freeform, rock? There are so many styles to choose from and you can see more pool pictures on our flickr page.

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Inground Pool Prices | Splash Pools and Construction

inground pool prices

 Inground Pool Prices – How it works!

At Splash Pools and Construction, Inc., we specialize in inground gunite (concrete) swimming pools. On our website we have gallery to look at Pools by Price.  This is a general starting point for pool pricing, but we cannot give you an accurate price until we meet with you, see your yard and hear what kind of pool you want. We get phone calls all the time asking for general pool pricing and this is very difficult to do because there are so many variables. Asking for pool pricing is similar to asking for a price of a custom home…how custom, what size, etc. Inground pool prices vary greatly, because each pool built by Splash is a custom design.

inground pool prices, custom pool prices

We Recommend a No Cost In Home Consultation

If you want to dive further into looking at building an inground custom pool, then we recommend a FREE in home consultation where we come to you, look at your yard, discuss pool options and a budget. One of the great things is that we work with great pool financing companies that can help you achieve your pool construction goals. You can apply for these loans online.

More About Splash Pools

At Splash Pools and Construction we focus on Building Relationships, Not Just Pools. Our salesmen are experienced in the pool industry and will work with you to design an inground pool to meet your needs. Inground pool prices do vary greatly and we would love to meet with you to discuss the next steps for your backyard transformation. We are conveniently located in Chino, CA and work in the surrounding areas. When you call, ask if we serve your area.

Call our office today to set up a free in home estimate – 909-614-1333


Small Pool Designs | Splash Pools and Construction

small pool designs

Small Pool Designs are a current trend right now!

Small pool designs are great for several reasons….

  1. Small pool designs fit well in Southern California backyards
  2. Small pool designs allow for extra space for outdoor living areas or built-in-BBQs
  3. Small pool designs can cost less  – less materials required
  4. Small pool designs work well for modern pool styles
  5. Small pool designs require us to get creative with the layout–which is fun for us

Here are two small pool designs that we built for Toll Brothers Model Homes at Baker Ranch.

These pools both have a modern style.

The first pool has black granite tile on the zero edge spa and an overflow edge pool that flows into a rock basin. The pool is built right up against the house and has a raised decorative wall at the back with copper spicket water features.

The second pool is the video is flush with the surrounding decking and zero edge. At the back left, you can barely see the beautiful green wall that accentuates this pool design. Surrounding this pool, you can see there was plenty of room for the built in BBQ and outdoor living area.

More About Splash Pools and Construction

Splash Pools and Construction is ready to work with you to design and/or build a small pool or large pool to meet your needs. We have in-house crews for the construction of your swimming pool! In addition to pools, we are also licensed for landscaping and patio structure construction. Give us a call today to get started on your new backyard design!

CALL US 909-614-1333

Swimming Pool Details | Splash Pools and Construction

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Added Swimming Pool Details or Features to Make Your Pool Spectacular!

There are so many different details or features that you can add to your swimming pool. Most people are prepared and know the general style of swimming pool they want and maybe one or two added features, but there are so many options out there! We really can design and build a pool to meet YOUR desires–budget allowing of course.

Here are a few pool details or features from past Splash Pools projects that you could consider for your new swimming pool.

Water features, like deck jets add movement and excitement to your swimming pool design.

swimming pool details, features, deck jets, chino hills

The overflow edge is a current trend and gives a modern flair to a more traditional free form style rock pool like this one.

swimming pool details, features, overflow pool, chino hills

Swim up bar with in-pool seating is both convenient and fun for the entertainers!

swimming pool details, features, cabana, swim up bar, chino hills

Adding a reef step or baja step to your swimming pool is fantastic for young children and adults! Adults enjoy sitting in the shallow water relaxing on the warmer days and this is great for lounge chairs too!

swimming pool details, features, reef step, baja step, rock pool, chino hills

Why settle with one waterfall when you can have three or four? This rock pool has an entire wall of waterfalls to enjoy in this personal oasis backyard.

swimming pool details, features, multiple water falls, chino hills

Just because you have a small pool, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Adding a feature such as this curved tile wall with water fall adds so much to the design of this pool.

swimming pool details, features, water feature wall, chino hills

More About Splash Pools

Splash Pools and Construction’s team has been working in the pool industry for more than 30 years. We have our own in-house crews to control the quality of our work. From our office in Chino, we serve several Cities in the surrounding area, including Yorba Linda, Chino Hills, Irvine, Tustin, Corona, Ontario and more. Call today to find out if we work in your area – 909-614-1333.

Backyard Swimming Pool Builder | Splash Pools and Construction

Splash Pools, Rock pool, construction, landscape

How does a backyard swimming pool fit with your new year’s resolutions?

Let us explain!

The new year is well underway! Do you have any new year’s resolutions that involve a new swimming pool in your backyard?

Maybe you do and you just didn’t realize it until now.

Resolution 1: Spend more quality family time together.

Having a swimming pool right in your backyard is great for family entertainment and to spend time together. We wrote a post last year about how building a swimming pool is an investment in your family.

family swimming pool, custom swimming pool, california

Resolution 2: Get healthy.

Swimming is great exercise. It is considered low-impact, great for cardiovascular health and convenient when you have a pool in your own backyard. So no more excuses, let’s start on your new swimming pool today and get on the road to a healthy lifestyle. Read more here about swimming for exercise.

swimming pool for exercise, 2017 new year resolution, get healthy

Resolution 3: Stress less/relax more.

Things move at such a fast pace in 2017! Leave your cell phone in the house and get outdoors. What could be more relaxing than spending time in your own backyard paradise? Help us help you to relax by hiring Splash Pools and Construction to build a new swimming pool. In addition to swimming pools, we can design/install custom water and fire features, outdoor living areas, built in BBQs/kitchens and landscape to complete your backyard.

No matter what your reason is for building a backyard swimming pool, the time is now to get started.

backyard swimming pool builder, relax

Looking for a backyard swimming pool builder – we’ve got you covered.

Splash Pools and Construction is a Southern California backyard swimming pool builder with more than thirty years of experience in the pool industry. We design and build swimming pools of all types from traditional free form pools to custom acrylic wall vanishing edge pools that have a more modern/edgy look.

Call our office to see if we work in your area – 909-614-1333.

2017 Pool Design Trends | Splash Pools and Construction

2017 Pool Design Trends

Thank you for visiting the Splash Pools and Construction blog.

The following are five design trends that we see for swimming pools in 2017.

1. Smaller Pools

We see a trend of smaller pools and more projects that are spa only. People used to want to fit as large of a pool as possible into their backyard, but the 2017 pool design trends to people wanting a smaller pool or spa only with plenty of space for an outdoor living area, outdoor kitchen or other lounging area. This works well with small Southern California backyards where space is already limited. We consider a pool to be smaller if it is less than 600 square feet.

2017 Pool Design Trends, small pools

2. Water Features

Water features are still very popular and can be added to a pool or as a separate focal point in the back or front yard. We’ve designed and installed anything from deck jets and waterfalls in pools to stand alone three tiered foundations and large rock water feature walls. The image below is an acrylic sphere rotating water feature sitting in a bed of natural rocks.

2017 Pool Design Trends, water features

3. Fire Features

Fire features with pools and water features are very trendy right now. The technology available for fire features allows us to be able to construct fire feature bowls on pedestals in swimming pool so that they appear to be floating. We can also add fire features surrounding the pool or in addition to a stand alone water feature. If you look back at our blog post about the new pool in Yorba Linda you can see the custom water and fire feature that we built.

2017 Pool Design Trends, fire features

4. Acrylic Wall Pools

Raised pools with acrylic walls are definitely a 2017 pool design trend! After building several pools with acrylic walls for Toll Brothers, we have received request after request for a similar design. Acrylic wall pools require coordination with a structural engineer and attention to detail. The 2.5” thick pieces of acrylic must fit perfectly into slots within columns to maintain the structural integrity and prevent leaks. Depending on the layout of the yard, acrylic has been craned over the house for installation because of the weight. The good news is that we know how to do this and have built several acrylic wall pools.

2017 Pool Design Trends, acrylic walls, acrylic pool, glass pool

5. Clean Sleek / Modern Look

Modern style pools with a clean sleek look are also a 2017 pool design trend. Most people are choosing straight lines, vanishing or overflow edges and contemporary design elements. The most interesting thing about this trend is that a lot of people with traditional style homes are opting for a modern style backyard and pool–the styles are being mixed together and that is okay! If you have a Tuscan or Spanish style home, it’s okay to add a contemporary style pool.

2017 Pool Design Trends, modern design, contemporary poolSplash Pools and Construction Builds Trend-Setting Pools

Splash Pools and Construction is a Southern California Pool Builder. Our Owner, Jeff Stephenson, has been in the pool industry for more than thirty years! We attend trade shows, work closely with material manufacturers and work with experienced landscape architects to make sure we are up to date with current design trends. Call us today to get started on your 2017 Swimming Pool!

Want to know more about 2017 Pool Design Trends?

Call us today!



Swimming Pool and Landscape Construction Yorba Linda | Splash Pools & Construction

Swimming Pool and Landscape Construction Yorba Linda, splash pools

Yorba Linda Swimming Pool and Landscape Construction

Splash Pools is your swimming pool and landscape construction company for Yorba Linda projects! We are ready to start on your Yorba Linda Swimming Pool and Landscape construction.

Swimming Pool and Landscape Construction Yorba Linda

Recent Yorba Linda Swimming Pool Project

We recently completed this swimming pool and more in the hills of Yorba Linda. The project was designed by the talented Patrick May Landscape Design and we were able to bring the project to fruition.

Swimming Pool and Landscape Construction Yorba Linda, water feature, fire feature

When you walk out of the house to the backyard, you first see a beautiful glass tile overflow water feature with a fire feature in the middle. Out from the fire/water feature is a sundial in the decking that was constructed with white cement. Out from the sundial comes the vanishing edge pool, all along a similar radial curve.

The entire backyard design takes advantage of the beautiful view from this Yorba Linda home. The vanishing edge pool sits on caissons (structural posts that go about 20-30 feet down into the ground) and the end of the pool is curved along the edge of the yard. We are able to work with difficult pool sites like this to make your dream a reality. In addition to a vanishing edge pool, there is a vanishing edge spa to the left, separated from the pool. The pool and spa feature glass tiles, pre-cast coping and travertine decking.

Swimming Pool and Landscape Construction Yorba Linda

Landscape planters with beautiful trees were carefully placed between the travertine decking and you go up a few steps to a nice lounging area.

There is also an exercise spa that is towards the side yard and a large built in BBQ and bar seating area.

Swimming Pool and Landscape Construction Yorba Linda, built in BBQ

We also built a large rock water feature wall at the front driveway of this fabulous Yorba Linda property.

Trusted Pool Builder

Splash Pools is a trusted Yorba Linda Pool Builder with more than thirty years of experience in the industry.

Yorba Linda Pool Builders – Yorba Linda Swimming Pool Builder – Yorba Linda Swimming Pool Contractor – Best Swimming Pool Contractor in Yorba Linda

2017 Outdoor Living Areas | Splash Pools and Construction

Outdoor Living Area, Outdoor Entertaining

2017 Outdoor Living Areas–Ideas!

Your outdoor living area really becomes an extension of your home when it is designed properly. The trend is sometimes called outdoor rooms or bringing the indoors out––how properly worded that your outdoor space is an extension of your home in both comfort and accessibility.

Having a home with large windows and doors to visually or physically have easy access outdoors is the first step. Next, you want to make sure that your outdoor living area is comfortable with ample seating options and entertainment. We can add fireplace, firepit, TV, relaxing water features, serene landscape and more. Maybe you like to entertain and play a lot games, so comfortable seating with tables would be a great choice. We can design built in seating areas and bar areas for seating. It is also great to add outdoor furniture to your living area. There are beautiful sofas that are made with outdoor fabrics so that you can have very comfortable seating. Don’t forget to have a big and comfortable outdoor dining area!

2017 Outdoor Living Areas

Your outdoor living area would function best with a covered structure, whether is a wood patio structure, fabric canopy, extension of the house or stand alone structure, we can help!

Patio Structure, Outdoor Living Area, 2017

With the addition of another space to all the spaces that already need to be cleaned and maintained, we can help you make material selections for a low-maintenance outdoor living (to the best of our abilities!).

Splash Pools and Construction will help you design a new Outdoor Living Area that is current with design trends, meets your needs and will function well.

2017 Outdoor Living Areas

Splash Pools worked closely with Toll Brothers on many of their model home pools (pictured above) that included beautiful and functional outdoor living areas. We are licensed for pools, landscaping and outdoor structures. Call us today for your free estimate and to get started on your 2017 outdoor living area.

Check to make sure we service your area, call today. 909-614-1333